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Advantages of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the many techniques used by psychologists to help patients with mental disturbances. This type of therapy is also called CBT, and it is mostly used by psychologists who lean towards behaviorism. Nonetheless, you will always find psychologists who combine this technique with different techniques. Below are the advantages of using CBT.

Enhances the Ability to be Rational
Individuals who go through cognitive behavioral therapy do this to get rid of their irrational thinking. The source of irrational behavior is irrational thinking. For instance, someone who is suffering from acrophobia is an individual with an irrational fear of heights. This means that such a person will behave differently from what ordinary people would. Most people with this kind of phobia can cause a spectacle by sometimes passing out or sweating too much when they are exposed to heights.

Helps You Control Your Thoughts
Having control over your thoughts is another benefit that you can get from CBT. It is through thought restructuring that this kind of control is achieved. The techniques can help you get rid of any negative thoughts and swap them with others. It teaches you how to notice irrational thoughts early enough so that you can change them. CBT is useful especially when it comes to helping people with GAD disorder.

Help Change Your Beliefs About Yourself
Sometimes someone can have a strong negative belief that hinders them from reaching their full potential. For instance, one may have the belief that they are worthless or that they will never amount to anything. Beliefs can sometimes be passed down to people by parents, or important figures in life. Whenever anyone chooses to hold on to a misinformed belief, then life can take a negative twist. However, with the help of CBT, one can get rid of these bad beliefs and start thinking positively about themselves.

Enables One to Relax and Calm Down
Something else therapists use CBT for is to help people relax. Some people find it hard to relax when they have a panic problem or when they get agitated and worked up. Using CBT, one can easily train a patient to calm down easily. This is possible because CBT helps to change thought and maladaptive behavior too.

Looking at Life in a Positive Direction
CBT is also great because it helps people become more optimistic. Some people generally have a negative outlook on life, instead of being optimistic they are always looking at what could go wrong. In many cases, this can also bring with it certain illnesses such as lack of sleep and high blood pressure. Most of the time those with GAD will benefit immensely from CBT as it allows them to become more optimistic.

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