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Things That You Should Understand About Secondary Air Injection Systems.

Do you have any knowledge about secondary air injection systems? If you know more about vehicles, then you know what the secondary air injection system is. this doesn’t mean everyone knows this more. By reading this article, you are going to learn more about the secondary air injection systems.

The system that injects air into the exhaust stream to allow full combustion of unburnt fuel is what we call Secondary air injection system is a system. This is an emission control strategy for the vehicles. The way of controlling of exhaust gasses and other emissions depends on the way of injection. It also depends on the point that air used to enter the exhaust system. This has been varying over the cause of revolution.

The first systems that were first developed allowed injection of air at a point that was too close to the engine. All the unburnt and partially burnt fuel in the exhausted was completely burnt by the use of oxygen produced by this kind of systems before the ejection. In those earlier times of invention of these systems, there used to be more unburnt fuel in the exhaust stream. But air injection minimized the ejection of the unburnt gases from the tailpipe. As a result they worked so well and this helped to reduce the amount of unburnt fuel the exhaust.

There are two types of air injection systems namely pumped air injection system and aspirated air injection system. Let us start looking at pumped air injection. This is a system that uses an air pump to inject air into the exhaust systems. The air pump is turned by the engine through the motor. And the screen that filters the air taken into the exhaust is rotated so as to remove the large dirt that may damage the system. Then air gets it the injection point under minimal pressure. There is a type of valve that is called the check valve. This check valve prevents the exhaust getting back to the air injection system. Serious damage can result from the exhaust getting back to the air injection system.

Aspirated air injection is achieved by the negative force in the exhaust when the engine is idle. A valve called aspirator valve is put in an air injection pumping that draws clean air into the exhaust. The valve is known to be very sensitive. Short negative pressure gets into the exhaust when the engine is at the idle state. These forces leads to the air getting drawn into the exhaust system through the aspirator valve. Most of the modern vehicles such as Toyota use this kind of systems.
I hope you have learnt a lot on the secondary air injection systems. You can read more on the systems in the net.

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